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 2011 Singapore Invitational Challenge (SIC) 1/10 & 1/8 Onroad GP, 10 -11 Sept

The 2011 Singapore Invitational Challenge is an yearly event; held on 10 – 11 Sept at the East Coast Park Raceway. It was a 2-day event and for this year, the Indonesian team brought the biggest team with over 15 drivers. Other overseas drivers were from Australia, Thailand, Brunei and Malaysia. The race format was a Christmas tree with no top four sit-out for both the 1/10 and 1/8 class. The schedule was 3 rounds of qualifying on Saturday and all finals on Sunday.

The day started out a little cloudy and 1 round of qualifying was successfully run before the lunch break. From the beginning, Team XRAY driver, Sadikin and Jesse Wu were setting the pace with a very fast lap times on both the NT1 and RX8. Round 2 was also completed without much change in position but after that, the sky suddenly turns dark and it rain. The qualifying was stopped for about 1.5 hrs to allow the track to dry completely before starting the 3rd and the last round of qualifying for the day. Below were the top 14 drivers who would be in the semi-finals on Sunday.

Sadikin's Xray RX8

Team Xray Indo Sadikin with his winning machine Xray RX8

Team Xray Singapore, Eriwn, Nick & Yung Yung

Mr Quek How Jiang & his Jr. Dominic

Xray Sam Craig and Nicholas

Don Mama show off his Hudy Race Machine!

Qualifying Result (1/10)                   Qualifying Result (1/8)
1. Nelson Lee (Singapore)                          1. Nelson Lee (Singapore)
2. Barry Ng (Malaysia)                                2. Sadikin XRAY RX8 (Indonesia)
3. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1 (Singapore)       3. Jesse Wu XRAY RX8 (Singapore)    
4. Bowie Ginting XRAY NT1 (Indonesia) 4. Richard Ling (Singapore)
5. Sadikin XRAY NT1 (Indonesia)             5. Leigh Dytor (Australia)
6. Nick Kuan XRAY NT1 (Singapore)      6. James Loke (Singapore)
7. Don Chng (Singapore)                             7. Blake Young (Australia)
8. Tom Goh XRAY NT1 (Singapore)          8. Tay Wui Kiat (Singapore)
9. Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1 (Singapore)   9. Tom Goh (Singapore)
10. Ben Seet (Singapore)                          10. Erwin Luhur XRAY RX8 (Singapore)
11. Joe Hwee (Singapore)                          11. Dennis Ong (Singapore)
12. C.H. Tay (Singapore)                           12. Ben Seet (Singapore)
13. Aidi Amin XRAY NT1 (Singapore) 13. Leslie Baker (Singapore)
14. Terence Ang (Singapore)                  14. Don Chng (Singapore)

Front Row (from left): Nelson Lee, Sadikin, Barry Ng, Bowie Ginting & Jesse Wu

Back Row (from left): C.H.Tay, Aidi Amin, Tom Goh, JoeHwee & Ben  Seet

1.      C.H. Tay (Singapore)                                       5. Joe Hwee (Singapore)
2.      Aidi Amin XRAY NT1 (Singapore)                 6. Jesse Wu XRAY RX8 (Singapore)
3.      Sadikin XRAY NT1 (Indonesia)                      7. Nelson Lee (Singapore)
4.      Joe Hwee (Singapore)                                     8. Ben Seet (Singapore)
5.      Barry Ng (Malaysia)                                        9. Tom Goh (Singapore)
6.      Ben Seet (Singapore)                                      10. Leigh Dytor (Australia)

Sunday (Semi Final-20min and Grand Final-45min)
After some exciting racing in both semis, XRAY driver Jesse Wu managed to get the pole starting position in the 1/10 class follow closely by another XRAY driver Bowie Ginting in 2nd, Sadikin in 4th, Tom Goh in 8th and Aidi Amin in 9th position. For the 1/8 class, XRAY driver Sadikin will start from the 3rd position and Jesse Wu in 10th position.

 The following were the starting position for the Grand Final:
1/10 Class                                                               1/8 Class
1. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1 (Singapore)                 1. Nelson Lee (Singapore)
2. Bowie Ginting XRAY NT1 (Indonesia)          2. Tay Wui Kiat (Singapore)
3. Barry Ng (Malaysia)                                         3. Sadikin XRAY RX8 (Indonesia)
4. Sadikin XRAY NT1 (Indonesia)                     4. Ben Seet (Singapore)
5. Nelson Lee (Singapore)                                   5. Blake Young (Australia)
1..      Ben Seet (Singapore                                        6. Leigh Dytor (Australia)
2.      Joe Hwee (Singapore)                                     7. Joe Hwee (Singapore)
3.      Tom Goh XRAY NT1 (Singapore)                  8. Tom Goh (Singapore)
4.      Aidi Amin XRAY NT1 (Singapore)                 9. James Loke (Singapore)
5.      C.H. Tay (Singapore)                                       10. Jesse Wu XRAY RX8

            Grand Final

1/8 Class

It was a clean start for everyone except for XRAY driver Sadikin who made a mistake and went in the grass on the 1st lap. By the time the marshall put his car back on the track, he was at the 10th position. Determined to chase the front cars, Sadikin drove all-out, overtaking every car one by one and in the process, managed to hit the fastest lap in the final and the only car to hit below 18sec. The other XRAY driver Jesse Wu drove a consistently fast laps and managed to climb to 6th position. In the meantime, Sadikin continued to drive at amazing speed and managed to climb to the 1st position at about 10 min before finishing and finally crossed the finish line to win the race with 2 laps over the 2nd position.

1/10 Class

The final started with cloudy sky and there were many overtaking on the first few laps between the front running cars. At about 15min into the race, it suddenly rain and the race had to be stopped. Since the race had not achieved 75% in duration, the race director had decided to re-start the race and reduced the duration to 20min after the track had dried. Sunshine suddenly came out after a short bust of rain and the track dried very quickly. During the re-start, XRAY driver Bowie Ginting managed to defend his 2nd position and team mate Sadikin managed to climb up one position to 3rd.  Soon after that, both Bowie and Sadikin made some mistakes and both dropped to 10th and 5th position respectively. After that, Bowie continued to drive consistently and eventually climbed to 2nd position. Jesse Wu managed to hold on to 3rd while Tom Goh climbed from the 8th to 4th position. Meanwhile, another XRAY driver Aidi Amin, with his consistent driving climbed from the starting position of 9th to 6th position.

Final Results:

1/10 Class                                                                   1/8 Class

              1.      Nelson Lee (Singapore)                                   1. Sadikin XRAY RX8 (Indonesia)

2.      Bowie Ginting XRAY NT1 (Indonesia)             2. Tay Wui Kiat (Singapore)

3.      Jesse Wu XRAY NT1 (Singapore)                  3. Blake Young (Australia)

4.      Tom Goh XRAY NT1 (Singapore)                  4. James Loke (Singapore)



Boss Harris & his team!

Marion & Australian, Leigh Dytor

Marion & Our Australian friends!

Marion & all Xray team drivers

Xray team drivers from Indonesia!

Team driver Aidi Amin & Harry Woo!


The annual TITC or Thailand International Touring Car Championship 2011 was held at a new venue at RC City in Bangkok, Thailand between Feb 23rd-27th, 2011.

 The new facility feature a sheltered rooftop touring and drift track with many hobby shops surrounding it. With over 700 entries in total to compete classes in Modified, Open Brushless 11.5T, Brushless 13.5T, Formula, FWD Touring and 2WD Mini. P.Y.Tang representing Team Xray Singapore and Team Orca was able to finish in a respectable A-Main 6th in Brushless Open 11.5T and B-Main 5th in Modified Class achieving his best result so far since joining the TITC in 2009.

 As this is the first time for most drivers to race in a sheltered track, many have problems adapting to the tight and technical track. Moreover, the traction level is very much different compared to most tracks. The TITC 2011 layout consisted of 3 fast chicanes, 1 slow chicane and 2 large sweepers. During the initial testing, P.Y.Tang stated that he was having low traction problems but was easily solved by switching tire addicitve but once that was solved, his Xray T3'2011 was struglling with traction rolls and difficulty in driving a highly responsive car due to very high traction. After a few days of setup changes, P.Y.Tang was able to make his Xray T3'2011 easier to drive with good consistent lap times. Most of the major setup changes were at the shocks, droops and roll centers. By switching the front universal to Litemodz CVS also made the car much faster in corner speed and more steering which was required in the tight layout.

In the Brushless Open 11.5T class, all drivers uses the handout Speed Passion 11.5T V3 motor and zero fixed timing with your choice of ESC. P.Y.Tang Xray T3'2011 was equipped with the new Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec MK2 ESC that was easily clocking the top 3 fastest laptimes during the qualifying heats, seeing him leading the pack in some qualifying heats, traction rolls would cost him dropping his position well below. Also suffered from a stripped spur gear in Qualifying Heat 5, P.Y.Tang had to settle with qualifying overall 7th in the A-Main. Starting the finals in a unfavourable position in the mid-pack, it would be hard to compete for a podium spot. During the Final A1, P.Y.Tang managed to climbed up to 4th, after dropping down to 10th during the first chicane corner contacts. In the Final A2, it was looking good for P.Y.Tang after avoiding a pileup was in 4th after the first corner, looking to pass Tanes M. for 3rd. Close battling went on until 3-minute mark when Tanes M. overshot the long sweeper allowing P.Y.Tang to take the inside line into 3rd. While catching up to Chavit in 2nd, and defending from hard-presurring Tanes M in 4th, unfortunate slight contact from Tanes M. from behind caused P.Y.Tang to spin out in the middle chicane, dropping him to 8th. Final A3 started off clean this time and unable to pass, P.Y.Tang managed only 5th, and overall standings 6th in the top 10.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings (Open Brushless 11.5T)

1. Wong Hei Feng - Hotbodies - 600 pts
2. Tanes M. -
Xray - 595 pts
Jackie Siow - Xray/Orca - 592 pts
Azri Amri - Kyosho/Orca - 591 pts
5. Chavit S. - Tamiya - 589 pts
6. Sizheng Dong - Yokomo - 589 pts
P.Y.Tang - Xray/Orca/Litemodz/Huge RC - 582 pts
8. Padungkiat K. - Hotbodies - 581 pts
Chau Man - Xray/Orca - 580 pts
10. Tedy Syah - Hotbodies - 580 pts
Top 10 Final Standings (Open Brushless 11.5T)

1. Wong Hai Feng - Hotbodies - 20 pts
2. Tanes M. -
Xray - 18 pts
3. Chavit S. - Tamiya - 17 pts
4. Sizheng Dong - Yokomo - 15 pts
5. Padungkiat K. - Hotbodies - 14 pts
P.Y.Tang - Xray/Orca/Litemodz/Huge/H-Energy - 13 pts
Chau Man - Xray/Orca - 12 pts
Jackie Siow - Xray/Orca - 9 pts
Azri Amri - Kyosho/Orca - 8 pts
10. Tedy Syah - Hotbodies - 7 pts

Top 10 Final Standings (Open Brushless 11.5T)

Using the same car and ESC system, P.Y.Tang qualified in B-Main 5th for the Modified Class. According to P.Y.Tang, his setup for the Xray T3'2011 was not much difference in both of the classes as he was using the OrcaQ QX1 Limited Edition 11.5T Brushless Racing Motor. During the initial testing, P.Y.Tang was using the Orca RX2 6.5T Brushless Motor but the QX1 11.5T gave an advantage in the tight layout with a smoother and easier drive around sweepers and corners, yet still very torquey in the in-field after optimizing the settings to his Orca Vritra speedo. Qualifying heats was quite an easy drive for P.Y.Tang, trying to make less mistake and focusing more on better driving lines. Consistent top 15 qualifying results between Q1-Q5 and posting best result of 18 laps 5:00.041 qualifying 9th in Q6 secured a place for P.Y.Tang in B-Main. P.Y.Tang started off Final B1 with a fresh set of tires but a small contact in the long sweeper, dropping him down the pack and managed only 8th. In the Final B2, a cleaner and more consistent run took P.Y.Tang into 2nd after the first minute, but unable to hold the pressure from Paphon C., P.Y.Tang finished in 3rd, and overall 5th after 2 finals.

Top 20 Qualifying Standings (Modified)

1. Andy Moore - Hotbodies - 465 pts
2. Shinnisuke Adachi - Kyosho - 460 pts
3. Jilles Groskamp - Tamiya - 459 pts
4. Marc Rhienard - Tamiya - 458 pts
5. Atsushi Hara - Hotbodies - 457 pts
6. Simon Nicholson - Kyosho - 451 pts
7. Victor Wilck - Tamiya - 450 pts
8. Meen Vejrak -
Xray - 450 pts
9. E.C.Kim - Kyosho - 448 pts
10. Thomas Pumpler - Tamiya - 447 pts

1. Charlee P. -
Xray - 445 pts
2. Satoshi Maezumi - Tamiya - 443 pts
3. Paphon C. - Yokomo - 433 pts
4. Yukiko Kodama - Yokomo - 429 pts
P.Y.Tang - Xray/Orca/Litemodz/Huge RC - 428 pts
Chau Man - Xray/Orca - 423 pts
Azri Amri - Kyosho/Orca - 423 pts
8. C.K.Tsang - 421 pts
9. Porapong R. - Tamiya - 419 pts
Antoni Caretti - Hotbodies/Orca - 419 pts

Top 20 Qualifying Standings (Modified)

1. Andy Moore - Hotbodies - 20 pts
2. Jilles Groskamp - Tamiya - 17 pts
3. Atsushi Hara - Hotbodies - 16 pts
4. Victor Wilck - Tamiya - 15 pts
5. Shinosuke Adachi - Kyosho - 14 pts
6. Marc Rheinard - Tamiya - 14 pts
7. Meen Vejrak -
Xray - 13 pts
8. Simon Nicholson - Kyosho - 9 pts
9. E.C.Kim - Kyosho - 7 pts
10. Thomas Pumpler - Kyosho - 6 pts
1. Satoshi Maezumi - Tamiya - 10 pts
2. Charlee P. -
Xray - 9 pts
3. Paphon C. - Yokomo - 9 pts
Chau Man - Xray/Orca - 8 pts
P.Y.Tang - Xray/Orca/Litemodz/Huge/H-Energy - 8 pts
6. C.K.Tsang - 7 pts
7. Yukiko Kodawa - Yokomo - 6 pts
8. Porapong R. - Tamiya - 5 pts
Antoni Caretti - Hotbodies/Orca - 4 pts10. Azri Amri - Kyosho/Orca - 4 pts

Xray T3'2011 equipped with Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec MK2 ESC, Orca Infinite 6000 60C LiPo, OrcaQ QX1 Limited Edition 11.5T Brushless Racing Motor, Orca Power Boost, Orca 16V Capacitor Plate.   : Race Report By Team Xray Singapore PY-Tang


Report from How Jiang:-

"Dominic and I had a wonderful time at the ETS race where we met Juraj and Martin Hudy, and the Xray team drivers. The organisers were kind enough to sit us with the team drivers in the pit so that we could tap into their setups (too bad we could not tap into the driving expertise-- haha) The race was well organised and professionally run.

With some setup help from Martin, we were able to get our cars running well. Results wise, here goes : (1) Pro Stock Class - I finished first in the J Main, while Dominic was 5th in the same main. (2) Hobby Class - Dominic finished 6th in the A Main, and also concurrently secured 3rd in the Hobby Junior Class. The organisers also gave Dominic and I a special "Spirit of the Event" award for travelling to the race from Singapore. So, there was quite a trophy haul on the way back. Also got some special Xray goodies courtesy of the sponsors for all Xray drivers."


Mr How Jiang and son, Dominic at the USA Reedy Race of Champions in June 2010.


*Next Race How Jiang and  Dominic will be traveling to the Czech Republic for the ETS Race #2 during the weekend of 26 - 28 Nov.


More Report at the Racer Profile                   

Xray T3 takes win at Total Hobby RC Race 1/10 EP Open Modified July 2010


NT1 TQ And Podium At Edam Open Challenge July 2010

 ( More Report at the Racer Profile)



Serpent Open 2011 took place on January 16th, 2011 at the East Coast Park Raceway.  It was perfect day for racing with lots of sunshine and there were over 50 drivers attending this race, mainly from Singapore.


The first round of qualifying started at about 10:30am.  XRAY driver Jessie Wu managed to set the pace with a fast timing. By the second round, the traction has improved and many drivers managed to improve their time. Erwin Luhur held a provisional pole position after the second round, with team mate Jessie Wu in 3rd place, Sam Craig in 5th place, Tom Goh in 6th place and Bobby Chan in the 8th place.  In the last and final round of qualifying, many drivers again did better with XRAY driver Erwin Luhur setting the fastest lap and thus securing the TQ position. There were a total of 5 NT1 in the top 10 position and the final qualifying orders after 3 round were as follows.

Qualifying order:

1)      Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1

2)      Nelson Lee

3)      Jesse Wu XRAY NT1

4)      Nordin

5)      Sam Craig XRAY NT1

6)      Tom Goh XRAY NT1

7)      Kaz Lee

8)      Bobby Chan XRAY NT1

9)      Othman

10)  Yusoff


In the 45min A-main final, Erwin Luhur had a great start and started to pull away from the pack almost immediately. Team mate Jesse Wu, Sam Craig and Tom Goh managed to stay close to the leading cars.  During the first re-fuel, Erwin’s engine stalled during refuelling and due to this, he dropped a few position. Bobby Chan was had some technical problem and had to retire early from the race. Just before the 2nd fuel stop, Erwin Luhur almost caught up to the leader but have to come in for a fuel stop. During the second fuel stop, an unfortunate event happened to Erwin Luhur again, his engine died and his mechanic managed to start it up again very quickly. His position again dropped to 4th position. Meanwhile, Jesse Wu, Sam Craig and Tom Goh were driving a consistent race and managed to hold their position until the end of the race. Erwin Luhur continued to drive without any mistake, managed to catch up and finish the race in the 1st position. The final finishing orders were as follows.

Final Result :

1)      Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1

2)      Jesse Wu XRAY NT1

3)      Sam Craig XRAY NT1

4)      Tom Goh XRAY NT1

5)      Othman

6)      Kaz Lee

7)      Nordin

8)      Nelson Lee

9)      Yusoff

10)  Bobby Chan XRAY NT1

Team Xray Singapore, Well Done !!!


   Link to Race Report

2010 Singapore Turf city Open 1/10 Engine Touring car Race, Team Xray With NT-1 TQ ( Pole position) and Overall Champion!!


NT1 Podium at Rapicon Cup 14-11-2010 Singapore Turf City Bukit Timah.

Rapicon cup held on 14th Nov 2010 in Turf city Atalon Speedway attracted more than 40 over drivers from Singapore and Malaysia. Weather for the day is cloudy and cooling due to our monsoon period.

Drivers  : Don chug, Berry Ng, Jesse Wu, Tom Goh, Erwin Luhur.

Qualifying Rounds

The first round of qualifying started at 9:30am. The traction is good due to the recent resurface for the track…Xray driver Jesse Wu had a good run with his newly built WC NT1 with a 29 laps 7:13 .

Xray driver Erwin Luhur and Tom Goh both were trying different setup and achieve better timing. But it was Barry Ng driving a newly built WC NT1 that set a blistering pace and secure pole position for the 1st and 2nd round of qualifying.

In the Final round of qualifying Jesse Wu with some setup change was on a good run to secure pole position but was clip by backmarker in the last 30 sec of qualifying putting him in the 4th position.

Xray Driver Tom Goh setting many fast lap times too was on a great run but had a big accident on the long straight losing precious times putting him in 3rd position.

Barry Ng setting the fastest lap time of the day was having a close fight with Nelson Lee. But a slight mistake from Barry causes him to lose the pole position by less than half a second.

Team Xray had a great qualifying with 7 cars in the final top 10.

Final Top 10

1)      Nelson Lee

2)      Barry Ng  Xray NT1

3)      Tom Goh  Xray NT1

4)      Jesse Wu  Xray NT1

5)      Frendy    Xray NT1

6)      Erwin Luhur  Xray NT1

7)      Rosli

8)      Shafiq N.I.Q  Xray NT1

9)      Don Chng   Xray NT1

10)    Aidi Amin

As we are about to start the lower main final rain start pouring down the track heavily.

And after the cut off time the organizer announce that the race will be call off and the result will be base on our qualifying orders..

Race report: by Mr Tom Goh

 Team Xray Singapore P.Y.Tang wins for Xray-Orca at the Indonesia National Year End Race (November 7, 2010)



The annual Indonesia National Year End Race took place on the weekend of November 6-7, 2010 at the Sunter International Speedway (SIS) in Jakarta. This is one of the largest race in Indonesia after the season end of Indonesia National Championships, which also saw Jilles Groskamp from Tamiya made a trip from Thailand last year to this year end race. This year, the race attracted a total entries of about 60 in the Touring Stock 11.5T class and about 20 in the FWD class. Unfortunately due to the Mount Merapi volcano eruption, some drivers could not attend the race. The weather was very good throughout the event and with a great track, great people and great door prizes including an Xray T3 car kit, it was a show of the year in the Indonesian capital. Four qualifying rounds on Saturday, with one more qualifying round on Sunday follow by the Finals, with a maximum of 3 sets of tires for the whole event.

A bright and sunny day greeted the drivers on the Saturday which created a lot of traction problems early into the day. The track layout had a very long straights, flowy in-field with technical hairpin sections. It was no doubt that Orca products was the talk of the race with the fastest car on the track, but Nicholas Lee from Singapore set the pace with his smooth driving skills and led the way after the first day of qualifying in his Tamiya 416X, followed by Bowie Ginting of Xray T3 and Teddy Syach of Hotbodies Cyclone TCX, all with 18 laps. P.Y.Tang running Xray and Orca improved his timings but still shy from the 18 laps at 17 laps 5:01, said traction was his biggest concern, qualified 4th at the end of day 1.

In the last qualifying round on Sunday, it would seem to be the most critical qualifying round as the traction was much higher as the weather stayed cloudy and temperature was cooler. Most of the drivers set a faster pace and everyone was trying to qualify higher in the mains. In Qualifying Round 5 Heat 1, P.Y.Tang changed his strategy and by using a softer setup, he managed to improve his laptime by 0.3sec, and posted a 18 laps 5:14 and found himself in Q2. Teddy Syach unable to improved remained in Q4 and another 18 laps 5:15 from Bowie Ginting secured him at Q3. Nicholas Lee with the fastest timing posted on Day 1 took the TQ honour.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings A-Main (Stock Touring 11.5T)

1. Nicholas Lee – 18 laps 5:11.353
2. P.Y.Tang – 18 laps 5:14.559
3. Bowie Ginting – 18 laps 5:15.355
4. Teddy Syach – 18 laps 5:17.146
5. Rudi Hardjo - 17 laps 5:00.392
6. Suwardi Suliandy - 17 laps 5:05.022
7. Asdi - 17 laps 5:05.786
8. Dika CGP - 17 laps 5:07.233
9. Dani Lambatz - 17 laps 5:07.233
10. Ronny - 17 laps 5:08.033


In the A-Main finals of Stock Touring 11.5T, the 8-minute run would see a lot of strategy planning to be able to sustain the run at a fast speed. In Final A1, the race started off with a clean start with Nicholas Lee and P.Y.Tang pulling away from the group when Bowie Ginting made a mistake at the left chicane on lap 2 dropping him into the group. Orca again proved to be the product to beat when P.Y.Tang Xray T3 was able to reel in the leader easily on the long straights but a small mistake by P.Y. at the chicane and with some traffic, Nicholas Lee went on to win Final A1, followed by P.Y.Tang in 2nd and a good fight by Bowie Ginting to finished 3rd.

With already an advantage in speed, P.Y.Tang put on a new set of tires in Final A2, immediately reeled in Nicholas Lee into sight but unable to pass Nicholas Lee from his tight driving lines. As Nicholas Lee was unable to pull away, P.Y.Tang saw an opening just before the long straight, tried to close up the gap by riding on the curb to try to set up for a long straight pass, made a slight contact with Nicholas Lee bodyshell, changed the position when Bowie Ginting took advantage of the incident, while Nicholas Lee dropped to 3rd when he got stuck in an island. Bowie Ginting took Final A2, with P.Y.Tang in 2nd and Nicholas Lee in 3rd.

Going into Final A3, the 1st overall was still up for grab as all top 3 tied in points. Still having an advantage in speed and a very comfortable with his car setups, P.Y.Tang is set to put up a fight to try to win the final round. Final A3 started off with a clean start. P.Y.Tang tried to be a bit more patient to avoid any accident stayed closely behind Nicholas Lee, as both of them pulled away from the group. Unfortunately on lap 3, Nicholas Lee suffered from a motor burnt out, allowing P.Y.Tang to cruise for the win with Bowie Ginting finishing 2nd. P.Y.Tang won 1st overall with tied points with Bowie Ginting but with a lap advantage.

Top 10 Final Standings A-Main (Stock Touring 11.5T)

1. P.Y.TangSingaporeXray T3Orca VritraOrca RX2Orca QX1Orca InfiniteOrca Power Boost - GFT - 19pts
2. Bowie GintingIndonesiaXray T3Orca VritraOrca QX1Orca Infinite - 19pts
3. Nicholas Lee – Tamiya 416X – Speed Passion – Speed Passion V3- 18pts
4. Rudi Hardjo - Tamiya 416WE – Orca Vritra – King Power – 15pts
5. Teddy Syach – Hotbodies Cyclone TCX – LRP SXX Stock Spec – Team Power - 14pts
6. Asdi – Xray T3Orca VritraOrca QX1 - 11pts
7. Dani Lambatz – TOP Photon – Tekin RS Pro – King Power - 10pts
8. Ronny – TOP Photon – Tekin RS Pro – Speed Passion V3 - 10pts
9. Suwardi Suliandy – TOP Photon – Orca VritraOrca QX1Orca RX2 - 7pts
10. Dika CGP – Xray T3 – Tekin RS Pro – King Power - 5pts

Congratulations to P.Y.Tang and Bowie Ginting to finish 1-2 for Xray and Orca! and completing 4 Xray and 5 Orca in the A-Mains!


P.Y.Tang winning Xray T3 was powered by Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo, Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec, Orca RX-2 11.5T, OrcaQ QX-1 11.5T, Orca Power Boost, Orca 16V High Power Capacitor and GFT.


8-82010 Niko racetrack 1/10 Scale Electric Touring Championship :     Race Report by P.Y.Tang Team Xray Singapore


Holding the only second electric-powered 1/10th touring car race this season, Niko racetrack usually hosts gas-powered 1/10th and 1/8th on-roads races is one of the most challenging track in Southern Johor which is a high-speed and flowy track with a very tricky chicane in the mid-infield section. Xray dominated the race with all top 5 running the Xray T3. P.Y.Tang (in the photo) started off the qualiying rounds with some problems trying to find the right gearing as his car was suffering from ESC thermal cutoff due to the extreme hot weather not finishing the first two qualifying heats. With a tough decision to make for Q3 and the risk of dropping down in the group, P.Y.Tang finally found the correct gearing and as his Xray T3 was on pace for a TQ run, a slight contact with TQ holder Ken Ng just before crossing the line lost a couple seconds, and finally had to secure for 2nd from pole.

Final Top 10 Qualifiers
1st Ken Ng - Xray T3, H-Energy - 20 laps 5:11.708
2nd P.Y.Tang - Xray T3, Orca - 20 laps 5:12.226
3rd Bernard Lee - Xray T3 - 19 laps 5:06.577
4th James Ki - Xray T3 - 19 laps 5:06:721
5th Niko Cheng - Thunder Tiger - 19 laps 5:17.242
6th Jonest Wong - Tamiya 416X - 18 laps 5:00.457
7th Desmond Tan - Xray T3, Orca - 18 laps 5:04.699
8th Alan Lee - Tamiya 416X - 18 laps 5:13.459
9th Paul Lok - Tamiya 416X - 17 laps 5:01.391
10th Daryl Thong - Xray T3 - 17 laps 5:04.700

During the finals, it was a showdown between P.Y.Tang and Ken Ng which had the fastest pace in the race. All three legs were won by Ken Ng within 0.5sec ahead of P.Y.Tang finishing second. Bernard Lee, James Ki and Desmond Tan put up some good fight completing all-Xray Top 5 finish.

Final Top 10 Standings
1st Ken Ng - Xray T3, H-Energy
2nd P.Y.Tang - Xray T3, Orca
3rd Bernard Lee - Xray T3
4th James Ki - Xray T3
5th Desmond Tan - Xray T3, Orca
6th Jonest Wong - Tamiya 416X
7th Paul Lok - Tamiya 416X
8th Alan Lee - Tamiya 416X
9th Daryl Thong - Xray T3
10th Niko Cheng - Thunder Tiger


          NT1 Podium Finish at Futaba OS Jakarta Open 2010                Race report by Erwin Luhur

The Futaba OS Jakarta Open 2010 is a yearly event held at the Jakarta International Twin Circuit. It was a 2-day event but many drivers from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Australia arrived at the track 2 days beforehand for practice. The schedule for this race was 5 rounds of qualifying on Saturday, while Sunday had 1 more round of qualifying and the all the finals. Saturday (Qualifying Rounds 1, 2, 3 & 4)The first qualifying round started at around 10:00AM after the opening ceremony. The weather was good and 3 rounds of qualifying were run successfully. However, in the late afternoon the weather suddenly changed and it started to rain during heat 3 of round 4. The rain stopped after about 15 minutes and track was completely wet. As it was late in the afternoon and there was no sun, there was no chance for the track to dry properly. Therefore the Race Director decided to cancel the results of all heats of round 4 and continue with the last round of qualifying on Sunday. At the end of the day, there were six XRAY cars in the Top 10. Sadikin Sutrisno secured the TQ spot, Erwin Luhur was 2nd, Bowie Ginting was 4th, Suhaimi Abdul Wahab was 7th, M.Shah was 8th and Usman Halim was 10th.

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Jakarta International Twin Circuit

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Top 10 Drivers

Sunday (Qualifying Round 5 & Finals)
The last qualifying was run on Sunday with many drivers pushing hard to improve their qualifying position. However, traction was not that good in the morning and no XRAY drivers improved their times except for Abedey who bumped up to 9th. This result put six XRAY cars in the Grand Final.

Qualifying results were as follows:
1) Sadikin Sutrisno XRAY NT1
2) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
3) Steven Jovanovic
4) Bowie Ginting XRAY NT1
5) Azri Amri
6) Fayakhun Andriadi
7) Suhaimi Abdul Wahab XRAY NT1
8) M. Shah XRAY NT1
9) Abedey XRAY NT1
10) Dimas Ardian

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Xray Drivers From Singapore

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Final results:
1) Steven Jovanovic
2) Bowie Ginting XRAY NT1
3) Fayakhun Andriadi
4) Sadikin Sutrisno XRAY NT1
5) Dimas Ardian
6) Abedey XRAY NT1
7) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
8) M.Shah XRAY NT1
9) Azri Amri
10) Suhaimi Abdul Wahab XRAY NT1

Grand Final
It was a good start for both Sadikin Sutrisno and Erwin Luhur. They immediately took off and started to pull away from the pack. At about the 6th lap, Erwin Luhur’s engine was running too lean and he could not hold on to his 2nd position and was finally overtaken, dropping to 3rd position. His engine was richened during the next fuel stop. Meanwhile, Sadikin was driving with amazing speed and was leading the race until on the 70th lap when his 2nd speed stripped.

As the tire wear on this track was bad, all drivers would have to come in for a tire change at around the 70th lap. Sadikin took this opportunity to come in for a tire change and install a new 2nd speed gear. However, an unfortunate event happened again to Sadikin. His engine died during the tire and gear change and could not be restarted which cost lots of time. Coming out from the pit, Sadikin’s position dropped to 7th. Around this time, Erwin Luhur also came in for a tire change. However, an unfortunate event also happened to Erwin Luhur! His pit crew had accidentally put the tires on the wrong side of the car which made the car totally undriveable.

Erwin Luhur came into the pit again after 3 laps for another tire change to correct the problem. By this time his position had dropped to 8th. Coming out from the pit, the car still did not feel right and was not running on pace but Erwin Luhur continued to drive without realizing that the tires were still wrong and thus he never recovered throughout the race. In the meantime, Sadikin continued to drive hard, putting in very fast lap times and he managed to move up from 7th to 4th position. Bowie Ginting was driving a clean and consistent race and managed to move up to 2nd position. Abedey, M.Shah, and Suhaimi Abdul Wahab were also driving hard to regain their positions.

NT1 TQ And Podium At Edam Open Challenge

Round 3 of the Edam Open Challenge took place on July 4, 2010 at the Just Hobby race Circuit. It was a cloudy wet morning when we reach the track at 0800 in the morning. The track is wet and still drizzling. At about 10am the weather cleared and bright sunshine is drying the track fast. Total there is about 22 participant.  

Qualifying Rounds
The first round of qualifying started at 12noon . The traction was not good due to the track is not completely dry. Team Xray driver Tom Goh place 4th on the grid for round 1. By the 2nd round of qualifying after some setup change there is improvement from most of the Xray driver as Tom Goh move up to 2nd and fellow Xray driver Shafiq in 3rd. By the last round of qualifying, Tom Goh manage to up the pace and snatch the TQ from Nelson Lee by 0.15 of a second. That was real close Qualifying order :
1) Tom Goh Xray NT1
2) Nelson Lee
3) Zamil
4) Shafiq Xray NT1
5) Othman
6) Frendy Tay Xray NT1
7) Don Chng Xray NT1
8) Mazz
9) Joseph Lau Xray NT1
10) Matthew
In the 45-minute A-main final , Tom and Nelson had a good start and
was pulling away from the pack and opening up a comfortable lead. It was a close fight between Tom and Nelson. But a slight mistake from Tom cause him to drop to 2nd.
Shafiq also up the pace into 3rd position but some mistake in the later part of race drop him to 7th. Another new Xray driver Frendy Tay is making up good progress with consistent lap time that move him up to 3rd. Joseph is also doing great moving up from 9th to 6th. Don Chng have some issue with his manifold that drop him from 4th to 7th.
The race ended with Nelson taking the win with Tom in 2nd and Frendy in 3rd. It’s a great race for Team Xray driver with 2 Xray in the podium
and 5Xray cars in the top 10.
Final Result
1) Nelson Lee
2) Tom Goh Xray NT-1
3) Frendy Tay Xray NT-1
4) Othman
5) Zamil
6) Joseph Lau Xray NT-1
7) Shafiq Xray NT-1
8) Don Chng Xray NT-1
9) Matthew
10) Mazz

Xray T3 takes win at Total Hobby RC Race 1/10 EP Open Modified

Race Report by P.Y.Tang

The Total Hobby RC Race 1/10 EP Open Modified was held at the UTM Skudai in Southern Malaysia on July 3-4, 2010. The local asphalt UTM track is a very challenging track which is a high-speed flowy track with medium to high traction. Bumpy sections and high-wear to rubber tires are the major concern among the drivers. The race is a two-day event, but most drivers were unable to practice due to bad weather on Saturday. It was still drizzling on the early Sunday morning and the track was still wet but the weather cleared up around 11am. The track was still damp during the first qualifying round and many drivers went on to choose softer compound tires to look for more traction. The track began to dry up at noon when the sun finally came out. After three intense qualifying rounds, seems like only Ken Ng had the better setup that saw him clocking under 14 seconds lap securing pole position, with P.Y.Tang 2nd and Allister 3rd from the pole. Despite being 2nd from the pole, P.Y.Tang Xray T3 debut was delighted with his qualifying rounds on Sunday where he felt his new Xray T3 stock setup was very easy to drive and very responsive to his liking. Although the car works well, P.Y. could not get some consistent timing in every run due to the high-wear rate of the tires and possibly wrong choice of tire addictive.

Final Top 10 Qualifiers (Open Modified)
1st Ken Ng                                - Xray T3                     - 22 laps 5:10.517
2nd P.Y.Tang                             - Xray T3                     - 21 laps 5:04.849
3rd Allister                                 - Hotbodies Cyclone       - 21 laps 5:08:933
4th Jonest Wong                        - Tamiya 416X               - 21 laps 5:09.666
5th Barry Ng                              - Tamiya 416X               - 21 laps 5:09.975
6th Kimie                                   - Xray T3                      - 21 laps 5:10.570
7th Paul Lok                              - Tamiya 416X               - 21 laps 5:11.249
8th Jazz CK                                - Yokomo BD5               - 20 laps 5:05.185
9th Chee Lip Keong                    - Tamiya 416X               - 20 laps 5:06.158
10th Desmond Tan                     - Xray T3                      - 20 laps 5:06.622

In the Final A1, P.Y.Tang cruises to an easy Leg 1 victory when Ken Ng started from pole had a bad start spinning out at the first corner. With most of the battle in the mid pack, P.Y.Tang claimed 1st, with Ken Ng in 2nd followed by Allister in the 3rd. Setting the fastest lap of the leg at 13.236s, P.Y.Tang found himself in a better position to challenge for top spot after changing tire/insert combination and switching tire addictive.

In the Final A2, Ken Ng got off a good start followed closely by P.Y.Tang. Ken made a small mistake on the left-hand turn hairpin after the drivers stand, giving P.Y.Tang a break to run away. Clocking in the mid 13sec lapper, P.Y.Tang managed to build up the lead ending the leg 2 with almost an 8sec lead over Jazz CK in 2nd, and Ken Ng in 3rd.

Going into the Final A3, Ken Ng, Allister and Jazz CK would battle for 2nd overall. At the tone, all drivers got off to a good start but a small pile up in the second corner changed everything, with Ken Ng and P.Y.Tang fell back into an unfamiliarize position. Led by Allister, Kimie and Barry Ng ahead of the pack, P.Y.Tang managed to push himself back into the first position after some exciting battle with side by side actions coming out of the straight with Kimie. It was expected that P.Y.Tang would claim his 3rd victory by a small contact with the side wall on the straight caused him to spin out losing the lead at the final

lap to Allister. Ken Ng had a terrible final along with some diff problems ended up in 4th in Leg 3, but a well-deserved 3rd overall position. Desmond Tan running a Xray T3 had a good run finishing at 6th overall starting 10th from grid.

Team Xray Singapore Desmond Tan & P.Y. Tang

Final Top 10 Standings:
1st P.Y.Tang                              - Xray T3                      - 200pts
2nd Allister                                - Hotbodies Cyclone       - 198pts
3rd Ken Ng                                - Xray T3                      - 197pts
4th Barry Ng                              - Tamiya 416X               - 194pts
5th Jazz CK                                - Yokomo BD5               - 194pts
6th Desmond Tan                       - Xray T3                      - 191pts
7th Kimie                                   - Xray T3                      - 190pts
8th Chee Lip Keong                    - Tamiya 416X               - 188pts
9th Jonest Wong                        - Tamiya 416X               - 188pts
10th Paul Lok                             - Tamiya 416X               - 185pts


The Super Team @ Thailand Touring Championship

Thailand International Touring Car Race

The Winning Team

The Super Team!!

Singapore Team Xray Drivers

RCMC 2010 Race support by RB engine

Father and Son team!

Singapore 2009 Electric Touring Car Motor 11.5 Class Champion Khamil Hydar

 The Xray Ladies!

Singapore Team @ Thailand International Touring Car Race Feb 2010

RCMC Singapore Open Challenge GP Race April 2010

Erwin Luhur Winner of Singapore Gas Touring Race With Xray NT-1

NT1 Wins RCMC 1-10 GP Singapore National Series R1  : (Race report by Erwin Luhur)

Round 1 of the RCMC 2010 National Series took place on February 28, 2010 at the East Coast Park Raceway. It was perfect day for racing with lots of sunshine.

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The first round of qualifying started at about 10:30AM. XRAY driver Erwin Luhur managed to set the pace with a fast lap. By the second round, the traction has improved and many drivers managed to improve their times. Erwin Luhur held a provisional pole position with teammate Tom Goh in 4th place, Jesse Wu in 5th place, Sam Craig in 11th place and Hazlan in 15th place.
In the final round of qualifying, only a few did better including Philip Lee who managed to beat Erwin Luhur’s time. After round 3, the final top 12 qualifiers were as follows.

Qualifying order:
1. Philip Lee*2. Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1*3. Ben Seet*4. Tom Goh XRAY NT1*5. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1*6. Nelson Lee
7. Don Ng*8. Augustine Loh *9. Daryl Chen*10. Tay Wui Kiat*11. Sam Craig XRAY NT1*12. Nordin

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In the 45min A-main final, Philip, Erwin and Ben had a great start and started to pull away from the pack almost immediately. Teammates Jesse Wu and Tom Goh managed to stay close to the leading cars. At around the 9min mark, Jesse had some problem with his car and had to retire. Soon after that, Tom Goh stripped his front belt and had to come into the pit to change the belt. He managed to complete the repair and rejoin the race in about 10min but was already too far behind. Meanwhile, Sam Craig was driving a consistent race and managed to slowly climb from the starting position of 11th to 3rd place. Erwin Luhur continued to drive without any mistake and won the race. The final finishing order was as follows.

Final Result:

1. Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1*2. Nelson Lee*3. Sam Craig XRAY NT1*4. Nordin*5. Philip Lee*6. Augustin Loh
7. Daryl Chen*8. Tay Wui Kiat*9. Tom Goh XRAY NT1*10. Been Seet*11. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1*12. Don Ng



NT1 TQs & Wins Singapore Edam Open Mar. 23, 2010 : Race report by Tom Goh

The first race of the Singapore Edam Open Championship took place on March 7, 2010 with about 40 participants from Singapore and Malaysia. The morning greeted us with bright sunshine and high track temperatures, making qualifying rounds tricky to drive.
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Qualifying Rounds
The first round of qualifying started at 10:00AM. The morning traction was good as Team XRAY driver Tom Goh set a blistering pace of 29 laps @ 7:02 to secure pole position for the first round of qualifying. As the weather got hotter many drivers struggled with lack of traction trying to better Tom Goh’s qualifying time.

Qualifying order :
1) Tom Goh XRAY NT1*2) Nelson Lee*3) Philip lee *4) Zamil*5) Ben Seet*6) Rosli*7) Terence Chung
8) Shafiq XRAY NT1*9) Don Chng XRAY NT1*10) Barry Ng

In the 45min A-main final , Tom and Nelson had a good start and pulled away from the pack, both drivers battling in every corner with less than 0.5sec separating them. While in the second chasing pack, XRAY driver Don Chng was having a good race only 5sec back from the leading duo. XRAY driver Shafiq had a bad start but was chasing back lost time with a good pace.
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In the quarter part of the race, Nelson Lee encountered some problems with his car and this took pressure off XRAY driver Tom Goh who was already 1 lap ahead of the rest.. Tom had a comfortable lead and never looked back. Don was closing in on 3rd position until a flip dropped him back to 4th. Shafiq had some accidents and this drop him out of contention. Finally the race ended with a comfortable win for Tom Goh with his XRAY NT1, follow by Barry and Zamil . Don Chng finished in 4th place despite a fantastic fight back. Shafiq finished in 8th place. In the C-main final we had young XRAY driver Amirul winning the race against drivers twice his age.

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Final Finishing Order
1) Tom Goh XRAY NT1*2) Barry Ng*3) Zamil*4) Don Chng XRAY NT1*5) Ben Seet*6) Don Ng
7) Rosli*8) Shafiq XRAY NT1*9) Nelson Lee*10) Philip Lee
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XRAY drivers L-to-R: Shafiq , Amirul , Tom , Hazlan

Race Report by Samuel Tan

To commemorate the end of 2009 and all the great times we had, a “Happy Happy” Race was done at the Singapore RaceCraft Race Complex.

It was a 2 days event with 3 qualifying rounds done on the 28th November and 1 qualifying and finals done on the 29th. 40 eager racers had registered for the race. 16 racers were entered for the Open Modified 1/10 Touring Class, of which 10 were running XRAY T2'008, 2’009 and of course, the T3. The rest of the drivers were participating in the Stock 1/10 Touring Class, of which 7 were running the XRAY kits.  



To make it a special race, the first 3 qualifying were done in the night, when traction was high and setups were different. The circuit was changed at 4.30pm, ½ hr before the start of the qualifying by the organizers from a high speed to a technical track which featured hairpins and sweepers hence it was down to adaptability and the right set-up was essential to clocking a good lap time. At the end of qualifying in Open Modified Touring, there were 1 XRAY T2’008, 2 XRAY T2'009s and 2 T3s in the A Mains.

Traction was especially high that night due to the rain in the late afternoon and high humidity. Setups were changed tremendously, front downstops were changed from 5.8mm to 5.6mm and 50mm ECS were used on the front for a narrower track width. Lap times were great and Top Qualifier Samuel Tan had a 7s difference with the 2nd qualifier in the Open Modified Class.

The qualifying order was as follows:

TQ: Samuel Tan XRAY T3

2: James Tang

3: Khamil XRAY T3

4: Darryl Chen XRAY T2’009

5: Hasron XRAY T2’008

6: Rohazmi XRAY T2'009

7: Chee Lip Keong

8: Kevin Wong

9: Daniel Chee

10: Shawn Chow

XRAY T3 of Top Qualifier Samuel Tan

In the Stock Class, XRAY T3 took the Pole and XRAY T2’009 took 2nd Qualifying position.

XRAY T3 of Top Qualifier Khamil and followed by XRAY T2’009 of 2nd Qualifier Samuel Tan


The finals were ran immediately after lunch on the 29th, and with the blazing sun bearing down, many were making adjustments to their car set-ups to cope with the changed traction conditions. XRAY Driver Samuel Tan had his down stops reverted back to 5.8mm on the front and shock oil was changed to 700wt 2 hole piston with 3mm rebound.

                                                                                                                                                          What are you starring at, Jeremy Chin?

In the first run for the Open Modified Touring A Main, Local “Best Rookie” Samuel Tan pulled from Chee Lip Keong with a lap difference and Team XRAY driver, Rohazmi, finished in 3rd.

In the 2nd run, Samuel Tan defended his Pole Position from strong competitor, James Tang and finished with a 5s difference. Team XRAY driver Rohazmi took 3rd and too secured his podium finish.

In the final run of the A Main, Samuel pulled away from the start and maintained a lap lead throughout to take the win in the run and the overall title. James Tang and Rohazmi were able to keep their distance from the fierce battle by the middle runners to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Rohazmi 3rd, Samuel Tan 1st (TQ) and James Tang 2nd of the Open Modified Class.

Open Modified Touring A Main Results

1: Samuel Tan (TQ) XRAY T3

2: James Tang

3: Rohazmi XRAY T2'009

4: Darryl Chen XRAY T2'009

5: Chee Lip Keong

6: Hasron XRAY T2'008

7: How Jiang XRAY T2'009

8: Daniel Chee

9:  Shawn Chow

10: Khamil XRAY T3 (Retired)

In the Stock Touring, XRAY claimed both 1st and 3rd podium positions,  1/8th GP driver Khamil (XRAY T3) finishing with 2nd, 2nd, 1st and Samuel Tan (XRAY T3) finishing 1st, 3rd, 3rd.

Samuel Tan 3rd, Khamil 1st (TQ) and James Tang 2nd of the Stock Class

The race finished off with a grand lucky draw, with prizes ranging from the SANWA M11x, LRP SPX Stock Spec to HUDY Setup systems! There were 40 prizes and everyone ended off with a prize home. A “Happy Happy” Race indeed!


Lucky Draw Prizes

A great day of racing was enjoyed by all drivers at the event topped off with a strong performance by Team XRAY, which claimed both Podium and TQ spots in both classes by the T3.

Team XRAY Singapore.


                        Our camera girl and Azmi!                                                 Melvin Chng and all his Racing machine!

1:10 FEMCA Championship Jakarta, Indonesia

Team Serpent at Jakarta 07 FEMCA race

Sam Cheng in Jakarta FEMCA Race 07

Race Video!

Team XRAY at 2007 FEMCA Race Jakarta

Jesse Wu in Jakarta FEMCA race 07

Race Report by Erwin Luhur
Round 3 of the RCMC National series took place on August 23, 2009 at the East Coast Park Raceway. The track was wet in the morning due to an overnight rain, but luckily the sun was shining which helped dry the track.
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(click to enlarge)

The first round of qualifying started at 10:30AM. Traction was not very good due to the rain but XRAY driver Erwin Luhur managed to set the pace with a fast lap. By the second round, the traction has improved and many drivers managed to improve their times. Erwin Luhur held provisional pole with teammate Jesse Wu in 2nd place, Tom Goh in 4th place, Don Chng in 6th place and Aaron Sim in 7th place. In the final round of qualifying, only a few did better and the final top 12 qualifiers after three rounds were as follows:

1. Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
2. Philip Lee
3. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
4. Tom Goh XRAY NT1

5. Barry Ng
6. Don Chng XRAY NT1
7. Aaron Sim XRAY NT1

8. Tay Wui Kiat
9. Don Ng
10. Daryl Chen
11. Terence Chung
12. Nick Kuan XRAY NT1
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In the 45min A-main final, Erwin Luhur and Philip had a great start and started to pull away from the pack almost immediately. Teammate Jesse Wu got hit during the start and dropped back to last place, but he managed to chase down the pack and by the 15min mark he was back in 3rd place. Meanwhile, Tom Goh managed to climb to 2nd place but a mistake a while later caused him to drop to 4th place.

Don Chng was driving a consistent race and was holding on to 7th place. Aaron Sim had some technical problems which forced him to retire at the 18min mark. Nick Kuan managed to climb from his 12th place start to 9th place. Erwin Luhur continued to drive without any mistakes and his lead was never challenged. At about the 25min mark the sky suddenly turned dark and it started to drizzle and so the Race Director made the decision to shorten the race to 35min.
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(click to enlarge)
The final finishing order was as follows:

1. Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
2. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1

3. Philip Lee
4. Tom Goh XRAY NT1
5. Terence Chung
6. Tay Wui Kiat
7. Don Chng XRAY NT1
8. Daryl Chen
9. Nick Kuan XRAY NT1
10. Barry Ng
11. Don Ng
12. Aaron Sim XRAY NT1
Erwin Luhur's Set-up sheet.

Jesse Wu's Set-up sheet.

Race Report by Tom Goh
Round 5 of the Just Hobby Challenge took place on August 2, 2009 at the Just Hobby race circuit. It was a bright, sunny Sunday morning… a perfect day for racing!
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(click to enlarge)

The first round of qualifying started at 9:45AM, and morning traction was very good. XRAY driver Tom Goh held the provisional pole position after the first round of qualifying with team mate Erwin Luhur in 4th place and Jesse Wu in 5th place. By the second round of qualifying, Nelson Lee took over the pole position with a perfect run. In the final round of qualifying, nobody improved their times due to poor traction conditions.

Qualifying order :
1. Nelson Lee
2. Tom Goh XRAY NT1
3. Hengster
4. Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
5. Terrence Chung
6. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
7. Othman
8. Philip Lee
9. Rosli
10. Don Ng


In the 45min A-main final , Nelson and Tom had a great start and quickly put a gap between themselves and the chasing pack. Erwin and Jesse battled for 3rd and 4th places. By the first refuel stop, Nelson and Tom were already 1 lap ahead of the chasing pack except for Erwin and Jesse who were still on the same lap with the leaders. Nelson had a flame-out right after pitting, with Tom, Jesse, and Erwin (all XRAY) leading the race.

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(click to enlarge)
Everything was going smoothly for Tom and he had opened up almost a lap gap between he and Jesse. Meanwhile, Jesse and Erwin were battling hard for 2nd and 3rd places.

It looked like the three XRAY NT1 cars were headed for the top 3 places until Erwin began to experience throttle servo problems; his throttle servo would not return to neutral position thus overheating his engine and causing him to drop back to 4th place. Philip moved up to 3rd place. Tom and Jesse finished in 1st and 2nd, with Philip in 3rd and Erwin holding onto 4th with a problematic throttle servo.
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(click to enlarge)
Final Finishing Order

1. Tom Goh XRAY NT1
2. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
3. Philip Lee
4. Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
5. Terrence Chung
6. Rosli
7. Hengster
8. Othman
9. Nelson Lee
10. Don Ng

NT1 Win At Just Hobby Nitro Challenge

Round 4 of the Just Hobby Challenge took place on June 14, 2009 at the Just Hobby race Circuit. It was a cloudy morning but turn out to be a bright sunny day later in the afternoon.

Qualifying Rounds

The first round of qualifying started at 9:30am. The morning traction was not ideal Xray driver Tom Goh and Jesse Wu qualify in the 2nd and 3rd position follow by Don Ng and Don Chng in 6th and 8th position. By the second round of qualifying wrong tyre choice follow by the track condition make it even difficult to improve the grid position. At the end of the qualifying, there were 4 Xray car in the top 10 position.


Qualifying order :

1)      Nelson Lee

2)      Philip Lee

3)      Tom Goh  Xray NT1

4)      Jesse Wu  Xray NT1

Xray Driver from left Bobby, Don, Jesse, Don and Tom 

Center Young Xray driver from Malaysia Rafiq



In the 45-minute A-main final , Nelson, Philip and Tom had a great start and were already a distance away from the chasing pack. Nelson and Philip led followed closely behind by Tom. At the 3min mark Tom overtook Philip and Nelson and was leading the pack, the 3cars were very close to each other even after the 2nd refuel.

On the 3rd refuel Nelson and Philip both had a flame out dropping them to the back. In the meantime Jesse having some problem with some radio glitches had drop him back many position, Don Chng and Don Ng was climbing up in the podium position steadily and holding the position well.

Tom was having a comfortable lead and never looked back, Nelson and Philip both have a great comeback and was fighting for the 2nd and 3rd position, dropping Don Chng and Don Ng to 4th and 5th position.

Finally the race ended with a comfortable win for Tom Goh with his Xray NT1, follow by Nelson and Philip. Don Chng finish in 4th position followed by Don Ng taking 5th position. Jesse Wu finish in 6th position due to radio glitches . We have 3 Xray car in the top 5 position. We also have a young Xray driver making his debut in the Just Hobby Nitro Challenge Amirvl Rafiq.

In the B-main final we have Daryl with a newly assemble NT1 09 taking the B-main champion. Giving Team Xray a clean sweep in the Just Hobby Nitro Challenge.


               Tom Goh and His Winning car Xray NT-1


Final Finishing Order

1)      Tom Goh  Xray NT1

2)      Nelson Lee

3)      Philip Lee

4)      Don Chng  Xray NT1

5)      Don Ng  Xray NT1

6)      Jesse Wu  Xray NT1

7)      Hafiz

8)      Terence Chung

9)      Aidi

10)    Othman

Race report by Tom Goh

NT1 Wins Just Hobby Nitro Challenge R7  Sep. 17, 2008

Round 7 of the Just Hobby Nitro Challenge took place on September 7 at the Just Hobby Race Circuit. The morning began well with sunshine to dry off the damp track caused by the rain during the night. Due to the rain in the night, the traction was bad in the morning.
The first round of qualifying started at about 10:00AM with most drivers struggling to get a good run due to the low traction. By the second round of qualifying, traction was back to normal and Tom Goh was driving his NT1 with amazing speed, setting the single lap track record of 13.571sec for this track putting him in a TQ position. However, by the third and final round of qualifying, Tom lost his TQ position by about half a second. At the end of the qualifying, there were six XRAY cars in the Top 10 and the qualifying order are as follows:

1) Nelson Lee
2) Tom Goh XRAY NT1
3) Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
4) Don Ng XRAY NT1
5) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
6) Leslie Baker XRAY NT1
7) Philip Lee
8) Ben Seet
9) James Loke XRAY NT1
10) Daniel Chee 

In the 1-hour A main final, all drivers got a good start except for Erwin Luhur who got clipped from behind causing his car to flip over. By the time his car was turned over again, he was in last place with the leading car only 2 corners behind him. Tom and Jesse were driving hard in 2nd and 3rd places trying to overtake Nelson. Soon after, Nelson suffered a traction roll thus allowing Tom to pass for the lead. At the first fuel stop, Tom had a slightly longer fuel stop which dropped him back a few positions. Meanwhile, Erwin was driving a clean and consistent race and by about the second fuel stop he had managed to pass for the lead. Jesse, Don, and Leslie suffered some technical problems half way through the race and could not continue. Erwin continued to drive without any problems and his lead was never challenged. After the 1-hour race, Erwin crossed the finish line and won round 7 with a 1 lap advantage over the 2nd place finisher. Tom managed to catch up to 2nd place in the final minute but ran out of fuel just before the finishing line, thus he finished in 3rd place. James drove hard and managed to finish 5th from his starting 9th position.

Final Result:
1) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
2) Philip Lee
Tom Goh XRAY NT1
4) Nelson Lee
James Loke XRAY NT1
6) Ben Seet
Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
8) Leslie Baker XRAY NT1
9) Daniel Chee
10) Don Ng XRAY NT1




Round 6 of Just Hobby nitro challenge kick off at 10.00am in the morning. The weather was good with slight overcast in the morning.


Qualifying start off with 3 rounds of 7minutes heats. All the drivers were trying to put in a good run in the heats so as to climb to a higher main.


Qualifying was run in a fast and furious pace with 5 Xray NT1 in the top 10 position.


Tom Goh Xray NT1 in pole position with 29laps 7min 05sec 2nd position James Loke also in a Xray NT1 did a 29laps 7min 08sec 3rd position Jesse Wu


 Xray did a 29laps 7min 11sec putting 3 Xray NT1 in the top 3. This impressive qualifying was a result of exchange of setup tips among the Xray drivers.

Qualifying order

1)   TQ   Tom Goh  Xray NT1 *2)      James Loke  Xray NT1 *3)      Jesse Wu  Xray NT1 *4)      Ben Seet *5)      Nelson Lee

6)      Leslie Baker  Xray NT1 *7)      Noordin *8)      Don Ng  Xray NT1 *9)      Hengster  *10)  Mazlan Mazz

In the final 45min A main final Tom and James both pull off with a comfortable lead with both driver exchanging position for 15min. It was a real close fight between Tom and James as both have very similar race pace. At the 20min mark Tom experience engine problem and have to pit a few times for engine tuning thus losing position to James. With fast and consistent driving Leslie move up to 2nd position behind James. Jesse had a bad start and his Xray suffer damage on his brake making him lost precious time in the pit  repairing making it impossible to regain back the lost time despite a very good handling car.
Don Ng Xray was running consistent race pace putting him very close to podium position just behind Mugen driver Nelson Lee but time is not on his side and Don eventually finish behind Nelson.



Tom trusted mechanic and racing buddy Nelson.               Bryan ,James ,Ah weng ,Leslie ,Ryan  

Final finishing order

1)      James Loke  Xray NT1 *2)      Leslie Baker  Xray NT1 *3)      Nelson Lee *4)      Don Ng  Xray NT1 *5)      Hengster

6)      Tom Goh  Xray NT1 *7)      Mazlan Mazz *8)      Noordin *9)      Jesse wu  Xray NT1

 Team Xray Driver – Dennis ,Ryan ,James ,Leslie ,Tom and Jesse

Race report by Tom Goh


NT1 TQ-ed Singapore Open Invitational Championship 2008




Sunday (Qualifying round 3 & finals)

Saturday (Qualifying Rounds)
1) Danny Iswahyudi XRAY NT1 ,2) Daniel Chee ,3) Philip Lee ,4) Sadikin Sutrisno XRAY NT1 ,5) Tom Goh XRAY NT1
6) Barry Ng ,7) Hengster ,8) Hj. Irman XRAY NT1 ,9) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1 ,10) Andrew Chin 

The third qualifying round was run on Sunday with many drivers pushing very hard to improve their qualifying positions. The traction had change little from Saturday and therefore there was a good chance that many drivers would improve their positions. At the end of the third round, Sadikin and Danny improved their qualifying positions and the final qualifying results are as follows:

1) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1 ,2) Daniel Chee  ,3) Philip Lee ,4) Sadikin Sutrisno XRAY NT1 ,5) Barry Ng
6) Nelson Lee ,7) Jesse Wu XRAY NT1 ,8) Danny Iswahyudi XRAY NT1 ,9) Hengster ,10) Roy Chong


Just Hobby Nitro 1/10 Sedan Challenge 13 April 2008

The Just Hobby 1/10 Sedan nitro challenge in Singapore (Just Hobby Race Circuit) was held last Sunday. There were a total of 40 drivers including a 1/10 Truck Fun Race.The morning began well with sunshine that dried the dew off the track. However, it threatened to rain with storm clouds overhead, but soon subsided. The track is smooth and fairly tight with several tricky corners and a high-speed chicane. The first round of qualification began and had local ace driver Nelson Lee setting a fast pace to put his Novarossi powered Mugen into provisional pole. Several drivers came close to his time of 21 Laps 5:02. This time was hence beaten by old-timer Ben Seet in his Sirio powered Kyosho with a time of 21 Laps 5:01 and to take the eventual pole position. Tom Goh in an OS powered Xray came in to sit 3rd on the grid, also with a very fast time.5 Xrays made it to the top 10, including Sam Cheng and buggy driver Glenn Phuah who just managed to squeeze into position 10. Teamxray Singapore’s Jesse Wu turned up late for qualification and only had the opportunity to run 1 round of qualification. This proved deadly as an accident during his run left him with a broken exhaust and sitting out the A Main. Jesse however managed to clinch the B main champion.



The 45-minute A main Final began around 4pm and the spectators were all eager to watch the start. During the start Ben Seet, Nelson Lee and Tom Goh began gaining a slight advantage over the rest of the pack. Glenn met with an accident during the start and was almost half a lap behind the pack. Both Tom and Nelson began experiencing technical problems and slowed down ever so slightly, this allowed Sam and Glenn to close up the gap. By the halfway mark, Ben was already pulling a comfortable lead and the Fight for 2nd place was between Sam and Glenn. It got exciting as pit crew worked hard to gain any little advantage from quick pit stops. Spectators were also getting excited as they watched this battle. A small mistake by Sam allowed Glenn to overtake into 2nd place, during the last call for fuel; Glenn lost a couple of seconds caused by a slight miscommunication between him and his mechanic. This proved to be a bad mistake as Sam gained in and managed to pull out of his pit stop before Glenn.
Final Results:
A Main
1. Ben Seet/ Kyosho / Sirio / Sanwa
2. Sam Cheng / Xray / RB / KO
3. Glenn Phuah / Xray / RB / KO
Glenn’s Setup: http://forum.teamxray.com/xform/index.php?act=view&ID=514&setup=nt1


B Main
1. Jesse Wu / Xray
2. Don Ng / Xray
3. Othman / Xray

C Main
1. Brian Cheah / Xray
3. Nus /Xray


Malaysia-Meleka Challenge 2007 1/10 & 1/8 On-Road


Drivers: 40

Weather:Rain in the morning, afternoon dry

Track: Small, tight and technical



It was a race organize by Meleka RC Club, we arrived there on a sat afternoon. The track was very tight, bumpy and tire wear rate was very high, After a few runs, We decide to use both front&rear soft diff.On Sunday qualifying, I suffered some engine problem as a result, I could only qualify 9th, My teammate Barry did some fast laptimes, but due to backmarkers it could only bring him to 4th in the A-Main.



In the 45 mins final, we had 10 cars, I had a bad start and was behind the pack. Barry was fighting for position until he made a mistake and his front driveshaft came out. He also did the fastest lap of the day with 14.175sec, After half way mark into the final , I was catching up with race leader Anthony Wee, with less than a sec behind him, my engine flamed out. That brought me back to 3rd pos. I manage to do some fast laptime and close in on the 2nd pos, into the last 5mins I manage overtake the 2nd pos and finished the race.



A Main Final
1st - Anthony Wee, 175 laps... Fastest lap (14.258)
2nd - Jesse Wu, 173 laps...X-Ray NT-1 Fastest lap (14.328)
3rd - Raymond Chan, 172 laps... Fastest lap (14.543)
4th - Hengster, 169 laps... Fastest lap (14.706)
5th - Vincent Tan, 168 laps... Fastest lap (14.564)
6th - PC Lai, 163 laps... Fastest lap (14.967)
7th - CH Tay, 100 laps... Fastest lap (14.497) DNF
8th - Barry Ng, 60 laps...Xray NT-1 Fastest lap (14.175) DNF
9th - Albertino Sang, 41 laps...G4 Fastest lap (14.563) DNF
10th - Mizan, 40 laps...  Fastest lap (14.375) DNF



Invitational Race July 2006 Drivers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

Surath From Thailand TQ both class with his Serpent 960 & 720.

PA East Coast Campsite 1/8 & 1/10 race 5-11-07

RCMC Club Race 5-11-2007 we had 15 for 1/8 Scale and around 15 for 1/10 Scale.It was great weekend with a 35mins A-Main final. In the 1/8th scale final, top qualifier went to Erwin with a Kyosho (top left) losing out in the TQ position by half a sec was Serpent driver Jesse Wu (2nd from left).  In the final, Jesse Wu led the final with 3 laps into the 20mins mark when his con-rod failed him. In the end, Barry won the 35mins A-final. It was a fun weekend with old timers like Sam Cheng, Don Chng and many others back in action.

Hope to have more of this fun in future. See YA guys!!! Happy Racing!!! ..by JW


Bukit timah Turf City 1/10 Race 30-9-07

A very Happy Team Xray NT-1 Singapore @ the Just Hobby Turf City Race 1/10 open 30-9-2007.

More Race report will Follow up! Thank you.


5 NT-1 in the A final and B final 123 Podium. D Final Winner Taihub (In Chinese "Big Hero")


Sam Cheng XRAY NT-1/RB engine TQ (pole position) at First Race in Turf City May 2007


Singapore PA 1/8 Championship Feb 2007

Drivers : 1/8 30.

            : 1/10 touring 45

It was a good Sunday and also our first Femca qualifying race. This year FEMCA will be held in Indonesia. Our track have new layout had been quite awhile and is very nice to drive and very technical and you need to get your clutch work properly, I just got abit of time on Friday so I went for a test run and this is the 2nd time I ran my friend’s 960 and I must say the car is a lot better then all the previous models I ran, a few changes like blue spring in front and red spring rear with the 2nd upper hole and the car was just wonderful.so this is my first race at our new layout,

Jesse Wu Fastest Laper/Sam TQ

Bernard Lee Serpent 960

Serpent Setup Discussion

our JB Serpent car friends

Sam Serpent 960 with RB engine

Pengyu Serpent 720 with RB engine

In qualifying Sam Cheng TQ with his Serpent 960/RB engine on left is Jesse Wu also with Serpent 960 clock the fastest single lap and broke the track record @17.6 sec

In the final it was a good start for me I went into the lead for about 4min and at the left  far end corner had a flame out car and I collided into it and damage my front and lost a front left drive shaft. So follow up closely it was Hie kie and Nelson lee to battle for the 45 mins a final.



 Nelson Lee





Ong Hie Kie






Niko Cheng











Terence Pek






Edwin Luhur






Sam Cheng

Serpent960/RB engine





Jesse Wu






Chia Teck Fong






Don Chng






2007 Serpent 'Nitro Tour' Bangkok

track left side

Serpent 07 race drivers

Track right side

Chia Teck Foong & Michael Salven

Michael Stef from serpent

Sam get more driving&setup technic from Michael

Foong & his RB engine

Old Friend Teddy & Sam

Jesse Wu & Teck Foong

Yuya Sahashi drive 960 & 720


Tadahiko Sahashi drive 960 & 720

Our Peng Yu!

Sam Cheng RB/Serpent 960

Sam Serpent 960/RB C6

Jesse Wu Serpent 960

Serpent Motorsport Singapore


Singapore Serpent 1/8 Race 1999 total 83 Drivers from all Asia.


Sam with Serpent chief designer Michael Salven1999 @ PA campsite Singapore

Team Serpent Singapore from right:KelvinGoh,SamCheng,

Joe Dorral.GarySoon,KennyChua,



The Real Race Machine!

Happy Serpent Team

Chester Chua Refueling Sam Serpent Vector,


Happy Peoples


PA 1/8 Race Top 10


Jesse Wu,Sam,PengYu,Jay @PA


Khamil TQ&1st at PA club Race.


Mr Felipi

Gary Soon year 2000

Glenn,Khamil & Gary soon year 1998

Don Chng,Steven Goh & Dixon ong.year 1999

serpent veteq year 2001

Electric Xray Race @ HobbyLink Branch Jurong year 2001


Branch Serpent 1/10 gas Race year 2002





Thailand Serpent Race


Thailand Serpent Race


Serpent Singapore with Salven.Masimo,Fabio & RickV.


Khamil 1/10 A final 45mins.




Sam Serpent 950R In Thailand.


My Crazy Friends Chester,Desmond,Kenny,Teck Foong were also @ Thailand Race.


F.e.m.c.a. 1/8 On Rd Top 10 Drivers


Singapore Team @ Femca Race.


Sam,Daryl,Bernard,Chanchai,Jesse&teck Foong

            Singapore Serpent 1/10 Drivers:

Back:Bakti,Xavia,Daniel,Jason 5port,Auyong,

Front:Erwin,Warren,Bryan,Khamil& Desmand Tan.

Super Bro team???

Team Serpent Singapore in Thailand & Micheal Salven

Finaly Makan(eat) all you can! Enjoy Bro

HPI Cup in Thailand 1/10 Race;

Singapore Serpent team & Surath from Thailand.

Jesse,Sam,Khamil in Thailand

Indonesia Oris Watch Championship.

Indonesia Oris Watch Cup.


Khamil,Bryan,Sam get Ready For The Next Heat @ Oris Championship.


Sam receiving his Trophies from Oris Watch representative,


Korea 1/8 On Rd Championship

Bryan Thng & Sam Cheng

Team Serpent Singapore in  Korea Airport 2002 From Left: Sam, Auyong, Nick, Chester and Bryan.

Open Race In Malaysia

Singapore RB team in Malaysia Race


Singapore 1/10 Gas Touring Championship Race

Yishun open Race Sam TQ & won with 80+ drivers in 45 mins race. year 2001

Hobbylink sponsor Banner.

PA open Race Sam TQ & 1st with 70+ drivers, Chester holding on to Sam Serpent 1/10 car No: 1 ready to race 45 min A final

Overall winner 1/10 touring Sam Cheng year 2002

        Sam won Singapore 1/8 onrd Tornado Cup Race


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